When you think of outdoor-living additions, pavers may not be the first thing that comes to mind. Instead, the natural tendency is to jump straight to the plants, pergolas, water features, and fire pits. But pavers are the framework around which the backyard comes to life. They contain the wildness of gardens, offer coolness to bare feet, provide stability for lawn furniture, define landscaping, and invite you to explore other areas of the yard. They are the lines and structure of the beauty of your backyard.

Pavers provide level, solid surfaces for furniture while allowing for plenty of green or gravel work. Interlocking pavers create smooth floors under pavilions or surrounding pools. These pavers add coolness to the yard, providing clean lines and natural flowing shapes throughout the backyard. Properly positioned, pavers create a sense of wonder with a winding paved path or an invitation to the outdoor pavilion with a structured walkway.

Tulsa Green Scapes can customize your outdoor living area with a variety of shapes and sizes of pavers. In addition to creating new inviting spaces, our outdoor living area specialists do general and specialized repairs. We have access to vintage parts and can maintain the custom look you already have in place.

Let us help you design a complete backyard transformation. If you have an unstructured, boring backyard, begin with pavers. They create a framework from which to shape your landscaping and outdoor-living areas around. If you have a well-established garden or pavilion separated only by stretches of lawn, consider adding character and beauty with a simple paved path. There are so many options to choose from, and we would love to share our ideas with you as you shape your perfect backyard retreat.

Our outdoor-living specialist will work with you to design and build the backyard of your dreams. From day one until completion, you will be involved in the creative process and benefit from our experience with helpful input and ideas. There is no limit to the beauty that we can create together. Contact us today to add the natural beauty and order that pavers provide!